Algebra II (A & B)
(Units: 0.5 per semester)

In this course a student will use their prior knowledge from previous courses to learn and apply Algebra II skills. This course will include topics such as functions, radical functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, geometry, conic sections, systems of equations, probability, and statistics. Students will apply the skills that they learn in this course to real world situations.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course students will be able to:

Prerequisites: Algebra I

Course Length: Two Semesters (Algebra II A and Algebra II B)

Cost: $325.00 per student/per semester

Note: Java is needed for the embedded graphing calculator applet (GCalc). A free download is available at

Course Outline

Semester One

UNIT I: Linear and Quadratic Functions
Section 1 - Functions and Relations
Section 2 - Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
Section 3 - Writing and Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
Section 4 - Graphing Quadratic Functions
Section 5 - Solving Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Section 6 - Graphing Zeros and Min/Max Values
Section 7 - Determining a Quadratic Function

UNIT II: Radical Functions
Section 1 - Roots and Properties of Exponents
Section 2 - Graphing Radical Functions and Domain and Range
Section 3 - Solving Radical Equations

UNIT III: Rational Functions
Section 1 - Direct and Inverse Variation
Section 2 - Graphing Rational Functions and Domain and Range
Section 3 - Solving Rational Equations

UNIT IV: Exponential and Logarithmic
Section 1 - Comparing Exponential and
Logarithmic Functions
Section 2 - Graphing Exponential Functions and
Domain and Range
Section 3 - Exponential Growth and Decay
Section 4 - Graphing Logarithmic Functions and
Domain and Range
Section 5 - Solving Exponential and Logarithmic

UNIT V: Trigonometric Functions
Section 1 - Right Triangle Trigonometry
Section 2 - Basic Angles and Radian Measure
Section 3 - Trigonometric Values in all Four
Section 4 - Inverse Trigonometric Values
Section 5 - Graphing Trigonometric Functions


Semester Two

UNIT VI: Systems of Equations and
Section 1 - Matrices and Determinants
Section 2 - Systems of Equations
Section 3 - Systems of Inequalities
Section 4 - Systems of Equations with Three
UNIT VII: Geometry
Section 1 - Constructing and Transforming
Geometric Shapes
Section 2 - Geometry of Quadrilaterals
Section 3 - Geometry of Triangles
Section 4 - Geometry of Circles
UNIT VIII: Conic Sections
Section 1 - Introduction to Conic Sections
Section 2 - Parabolas
Section 3 - Circles
Section 4 - Ellipses
Section 5 - Hyperbolas
UNIT IX: Probability and Statistics
Section 1 - Determining Probability
Section 2 - Permutations and Combinations
Section 3 - Binomial Theorem
Section 4 - Scatterplots and Lines of Best Fit
Section 5 - Scatterplots and Curves of Best Fit
Section 6 - Sampling Methods and Experimental
Section 7 - The Normal Curve
UNIT X: Patterns and Sequences, Logic and
Section 1 - Arithmetic Sequences and Series
Section 2 - Geometric Sequences and Series
Section 3 - Logic

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